Types of Patio Doors

There are a wide range of designs, styles and options of patio doors to select from for your home. It is important to keep in mind the amount of space you are working with when choosing the right patio doors for your home. If you have a small space, you may want to go for sliding doors for your doors. On the other hand, a large patio would be best served by a pair of expansive French-style doors. The doors you select should also be weather tight against the elements such as wind, rain and snow.

There are two basic types of patio doors which include the hinged patio doors and the sliding or gliding patio doors. Hinged doors are normally available as French doors which come in a set of two doors. These normally open to the outside and may have a lot of glass incorporated into their overall construction, thus allowing you a view of the outside. There are certain other hinged doors that come in the form of accordion doors and are therefore able to fold open. If you are living in regions with warmer climates, you should consider investing in a good pair of accordion doors which also happen to be very space efficient. On the other hand, the sliding patio doors are normally available in a set of two, in which case one door slides past the other and in most cases these are entirely made out of glass.

A. Sliding Patio Door

This type of door is the most frequently used because it occupies only a little space. It is usually made of glass with fiberglass, wood or plastic border. Its doors are attached to a track with rollers that is opened and closed through gliding. It is also less expensive compared to other types of doorways. These doors are easy to install and repair.

B. French Patio Door

The rectangular or square pieces of glass are attached to the door in segments. The frame of this door type is usually made of wood. It can be installed as single or double door and opens with outward swing motion. Hinges are used to open these doors. Double French door type provides a larger opening than the single and sliding type. Like the sliding door, installation and repair are simple.

C. Screen Patio Door

Instead of using glass, screens are used and are attached to an aluminum or wood frame. It allows air and light into the house, but keeps unwanted insects outside. A screen door is not durable and does not provide security as it can be easily ripped off. It is only used as a protection to a more secured doorway such as French or sliding type of doors.

D. Coastal Storm Patio Door

This type is a specifically designed patio door and is appropriate for coastal areas which are prone to severe weather conditions such as hurricane and tropical storms. This is made of strong metals to protect the house from any unwanted debris during storm. Small pieces of glass are attached to these metal bars to provide light into the house. Although considered as the most expensive among all types, it is very durable and provides maximum security to your home.

If purchasing a system that is made to order, it is advisable to ensure that it is manufactured in the UK. Main benefits include adherence to British standards and delivery timescales (not only for the initial import but for subsequent parts or problem solving).

When comparing prices, include: cost of buying the door system, delivery service, installation labour (if d-i-y, cost of appropriate tools and materials), making good and clearing the site. Price is not everything, though. Consider the time it takes for the installation to be completed – typically, an experienced team from the supplier will complete the job in a day so that home-owners can enjoy using their new patio doors as soon as possible.