Double Glazing Installation Benefits

Most people today will ensure that their homes enjoy the convenience of double glazing. For some they know the benefits and check each window to ensure it is made of two glass panes with a gas fill between. For others, they know that everyone else has double glazed windows, but they don’t’ know why they should spend the extra money over single paned windows.

Before explaining the benefits, its good that you understand the difference between the different options available on window glass installation in Leeds. Single pane glass is still used in some countries, but not in your colder or very warm climates. Single pane windows and doors are exactly what they say they are, it is one pane of glass held together by a frame.

In order for double glazing to insulate effectively, they must be air tight. A drying agent is used when the windows are manufactured, to ensure that no moisture exists between the panes of glass. If you see condensation on the inside of double glazed windows, it means that the seal has been broken. A broken seal makes it impossible for your windows to keep warm and cool air from escaping from your home.

Single pane windows are notoriously inefficient when it comes to insulating your home. It is estimated that 60 percent of the average home’s heat transfer occurs because of single pane windows. Double glazing significantly reduces this heat transfer – on average, it can save you about 12 percent on your annual energy costs. This means that your savings will pay for the cost of buying double glazed windows very quickly.

Double glazing is environmentally friendly. Home heating and cooling is responsible for about 28 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions – double glazed windows serve to significantly reduce these emissions, limiting your home’s impact on the environment. Combined with the significant reduction in energy loss, this makes replacing your single pane windows with double glazed windows an excellent choice for your home.

The doors and windows are made to your specifications and no expense is spared so you can rest assured you have a really classy product that is installed by the company in your home. Credit can be arranged for you to purchase these energy and money saving improvements to your home. Whilst these are pricey the value far outweighs money spent on the double glazing.

It is wise to due diligence when sourcing a company to double glaze your doors and windows. See if you are able to have a look at their handiwork. Remember you will have this in your house for many years to come so make sure you are happy with what you have selected.

Add to the value of your property and save up to ninety percent on your heating bill by having double glazing doors and double glazing windows installed and at the same time secure your home with the added security feature offered by many double glazing door companies. You will immediately see a saving in your heating bill and your house will be more energy efficient. Should you consider selling your home in the future, this will immediately be a big plus for ‘green’ buyers.