Bridesmaid Jewelry

Must-have Bridesmaid Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most important items in any wedding and since bridesmaids are usually at the forefront then it is only sensible that they have only the best must-have bridesmaid jewelry available. Most of the time, it is the bride who chooses the kind of jewelry that will be worn for their big day. However, these days more brides are beginning to see the wisdom in delegating some of these chores and leave the selection of the jewelry to the bridesmaids.


There are three types of jewelry that bridesmaids wear to a wedding and they include bracelets, earrings and necklaces. The neckline of the bridesmaid dresses is what usually determines the kind of necklace that they are going to wear. As for the bracelets and earrings, it is best choose what will make everyone look good and feel comfortable. Here, personal tastes and preferences will have to be set aside for the common good.

Dresses with plunging necklines are best worn with dangling earrings while those that are modestly cut should be worn with stud like earrings. Most of the dresses worn by bridesmaids look good with bracelets. Charm bracelets for instance are timeless and this could be because of their composition, which includes gemstones. Charm bracelets come in various styles and colors that can easily fit with any wedding theme. When choosing jewelry for a wedding, one must consider the color scheme of the wedding and try as much as they can to make it match. Incase they find colored jewelry to be too much they can always be safe with silver or gold. Different styles and colors have different effects on people. For instance some colors make people look bigger while they bring out the best attributes such as eyes in others. If the disparity is too striking in must-have bridesmaid jewelry it may be advisable that every bridesmaid wear her own kind of jewelry.


Another important consideration is the availability of the must-have bridesmaid jewelry. Some types of jewelry are not easy to find in bulk and may take time to look for if the bride would rather have her maids wear uniform jewelry. Getting one person to make all the jewelry pieces can help to counter this problem. The budget of the bride matters as well because if the jewelry is not within the budget then it might cause unnecessary stress. There are people who opt to make their own jewelry and this could help deal with any budgetary concerns that could arise.

As is the norm with weddings, there is usually much dancing and in such cases it is important all jewelry worn does not interfere with activities such as eating or dancing as if one is uncomfortable they might really have a bad day, which will be reflected in the pictures and videos. Bridal magazines have a wealth of information regarding must-have bridesmaid jewelry and the bride and her girls should use them extensively.