Bridesmaid Dress

Is the Black Bridesmaid Dress the Best Choice you could Make?

If it were traditional for the bridesmaids at a wedding to wear elegant clothing that everyone could sigh in admiration at, then the movies and sitcoms would lose access to one of their best sources of comedy – the embarrassing bridesmaid dress.


Well, thankfully for Hollywood, the bridesmaid dress has often been the comic relief at a wedding – and a source of dread for the bridesmaids. But these days, brides-to-be are beginning to be sensitive about their choices – they want to pick something that their bridesmaids would be happy about. They want something their friends could add to their wardrobe after the wedding and find use for – at least fixes the bridesmaids have to pay for those dresses with her on money. And that’s where the black bridesmaid dress comes in.

Where does it say in the rules for example that the bridesmaid dress that you pick cannot be the “little black number” that everyone has a couple of examples of in their wardrobe for a special occasions and for special dates?

Just think about that – a beautiful cocktail party dress or a special date dress for your bridesmaids – that they could remember you by every time they needed to go out on a special date! There are a few other advantages to picking a standard design like that. To pick a black bridesmaid dress for your posse to wear, often, they may not even have to buy a dress. If you could be a little lax about having all the dresses completely match, they could just bring something out of their own wardrobes.


You don’t want to underestimate how at a time when everyone’s trying to be careful with their money, it can be absolutely terrifying hearing that you are to be a bridesmaid. They will know how much they will have to spend. Do them a favor.

Not to mention, any bride who will have her bridesmaids dress in anything unflattering or irregular risks being called insecure behind her back. But money isn’t the only reason why you would want to choose a black bridesmaid dress. For instance, did you notice that wedding photographers really favor taking dozens of black-and-white pictures to really express solemnity or to say something about the nobility of the circumstances? Black and white pictures have this quality – they take a wedding scene from a regular wedding and make it look like something you might have seen in a British royal wedding.

They have that kind of effect. And what looks best in a black-and-white photograph – colors that are actually black-and-white, of course. The bride wears white, her bridesmaids wear black, and the photograph looks something truly sublime. You do have to think like a movie director or a cinematographer when you’re planning a wedding for the best photographic effect.