Benefits of Installing uPVC Windows

uPVC windows have a wide-range of benefits. uPVC windows are able to quickly and easily transform the appearance of a property, as well as to increase the energy efficiency and improve on the level of security. Recently, this type of window has rapidly increased in popularity and is now often seen as the preferred choice used by many of the largest double glazing companies.

Here are some of the advantages that come with installing these high-quality windows in place of the main alternatives, such as the hardwoods, softwoods, and aluminum.

Energy Efficiency – one of the main benefits to the uPVC windows is the increase in energy efficiency, which is a lot higher than the steel or aluminum alternatives. uPVC is more of an insulating material, which means that less heat is lost from a home. Wooden frames are better than steel and aluminum at limiting the loss of internal heat, though these frames still aren’t as efficient as uPVC windows.

Low Maintenance – an un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride window gets extremely high marks for being easy to maintain. A well-installed uPVC window is resilient to fading, rusting, rotting, and flaking. Whereas, the alternative of a wooden window frame often requires regular care and maintenance, such as a need to re-paint every 5 to 10-years. uPVC frames only require a basic clean and wipe down every so often, which can save a lot of time and expense on maintenance over the lifetime of the windows.

Superior Security – as a result of the solid and robust construction, uPVC windows are able to hold up to most attempts of forced entry, so a perfect choice if security comes to mind when looking for the right style of window frame. uPVC windows aren’t the most burglar-proof, this award goes to the aluminum based windows, yet the PVC windows don’t come that far behind.

Most of us are conscious of our impact on the environment, so choosing UPVC can play a role in helping us lead a more environmentally-friendly existence. Since UPVC acts as an efficient insulator – keeping the cold out and the heat in – windows and doors made from UPVC can reduce our reliance on consuming energy for heating or air conditioning, which can have a positive impact on our bills. The insulating effect of UPVC windows and doors also means that they provide excellent protection against any unwanted noise entering a home, such as traffic from outside, shouting or music.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing UPVC windows and doors is the great variety of styles and designs there are available to choose from. You can even find products that veer away from traditional black or white colors, with some even having a wood-like colour or effect. Whatever type of design scheme you want to replicate at home, there’s bound to be a matching UPVC window or door that will fit in perfectly with your designated style.