How to Transport Aluminium Windows & Doors

Aluminium windows and doors are significantly easier to move than wooden ones. While wood has been used for both doors and window frames for a long time, it comes with a few downsides: higher price point and a shorter lifespan.

Wood can get scratched or chipped, and it can rot. Meanwhile, aluminium has a higher durability and is inexpensive. This can also impact the moving process. If the items are too expensive, they might not be covered by insurance, and if the insurance does cover them, it’s only for a certain type of damages.

If you are looking to buy new doors or windows, keep in mind that aluminium is easier to transport, and the chances of having your doors or window frames scratched are minimum.

The moving process can be quite stressful. But if you plan everything ahead, it can be easier to handle. If you want to find out more about the differences between aluminium and wood and how to transport windows and doors, keep reading.

Aluminium Can Withstand Sudden Temperature and Humidity Changes

If you are moving from one side of the country to another, the temperature inside the moving truck will impact your belongings.

Regular windows and wood are impacted by sudden changes in humidity and temperature. For example, wood can develop cracks in an environment with low humidity or expand in high humidity environments.

Also, sudden temperature changes make wood shrink if moved from a cold environment to a hotter one.

Save Money by Planning Ahead

Moving companies charge more if you choose to move during the weekend. But if you plan your moving day during a weekday when they barely have any clients, there will be a significant price drop.

You can also save money if you ask how much it costs for you to pay the moving team per hour, how much the packing supplies cost, and what areas you can get involved in to save some pennies.

Label Everything

Windows and doors are hard to carry, and it’s even harder if you are moving all by yourself. To make your job easier, put together a floor plan for the movers and label each box.

You can do the same with windows and doors as well. This way, you won’t have to drag them by yourself throughout the house after the moving team has left your property.

Also, make sure you write down how many doors and windows you have before the moving process. This will prevent you from having unpleasant surprises.

This is beneficial for it enables you to save space since they slide in their track rather than opening inwards or outwards. They also assist in adding aesthetic beauty to the room since they look elegant and appealing.

Another great feature that is associated with them is that the glass can come with different types of frames. They also allow light from the sun to enter the room and this is a great way of opening up the space.

The windows or doors may be used either as partitions or just regular doors and windows. They are more popular in balconies than inside the home especially in regions that receive a lot of rainfall or strong winds on a regular basis.

If you opt to use the sliding doors or windows in your home, you will have the chance to choose from different types of frames. The frames are made from materials such as aluminium, wood, and UPVC.

Most homeowners prefer using those with UPVC frames over wood and aluminium since they are more efficient. With UPVC, you can simply forget about regular maintenance. They require little maintenance unlike wood and aluminium. You will not have to paint them often like other materials.

With respect to weather,aluminium doors and windows prove to be better since they are able to deal with extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains and strong winds.

They seal a home effectively such that you will not have any worries about noise, water seepage, and wind. With respect to the environment, UPVC ones prove to be better than wood and aluminium.

The UPVC ones are made of vinyl, which requires little energy to manufacture. With these features and benefits in mind, these are the sliding windows and doors to go for when opening up a living space.